I am blown away by the work that you offer. Wow l wished l found this work sooner. You are a very present and caring therapist. You helped me and guided me through some very old trauma. I felt a huge release after our session. I am very grateful
— andrew
It’s not easy to fully articulate how gifted Rachel is in holding the most sacred, sensitive, safe and exquisitely beautiful facilitation, for women who find themselves ready to connect fully with their bodies.
Waking up to my sensual, sexual side that quite honestly I thought might have put up such a barrier of resistance that I might never explore the potential for this new relationship with me! I’ve been so very hard and punishing towards my body in the past and I can honestly say I began to feel a connection that I have longed for...Rachel guided us to truly tune in and listen, to trust our inner voices lovingly and as a result I have felt clear, happy, relieved, deeply connected and hugely grateful for the opportunity Rachel offered. An exciting awareness brings me to know that this feels like the beginning of a journey that will bring me fully back home to me, to all of me....
— Jo Elmes

I am so glad l met you and got more and different outcomes than l anticipated from our session. It feel like l’ve been opened up. I feel that the trauma has started to release and l’m less inclined tor try and avoid feeling uncomfortable , emotional pain. You created a respectful and safe space to work in. Although this type of work is not mainstream, l believe it should be. Thank you
— Tom
Her classes, workshops and healing session are so amazing, there isn’t a woman I know who wouldn’t get something out of it. If you are thinking, “is this for me?” The answer is yes. To be in such a beautiful space, where you can really be you, even more so than when you are alone. To feel so safe that you can let go and let whatever wants to show up come rushing up. To me, it has been such a blessing and a gift. Rachel is amazing at creating and holding a space, I have never seen someone so at ease with “difficult emotions”. I have had trouble really letting go before, always feeling that I need to hold myself together to be safe, not anymore, it feels like a mothers love. Thank you Rachel for all that you do for womankind.
— Pat

I came to Rachel for the Jade egg workshops, and wasn’t completly sure about it and worried about bounderies and safety. After a phone conversation where she explained what the workshop was about, l felt at ease and brave enough to try a jade egg workshop. OMG, this work is so powerful, l have never felt so Feminine and in touch with my sexuality. The workshop was beautifully guided and there was not one moment that l felt uncomfortable. F.K.
— Diana

I have been to a few one to one healing session when l felt disconnected from my feminine essence. She has helped me to gain confidence in my self and guided me into some very deep meditations and healing session, which blown me away. My heart is open and l feel l am finially feeling my inner woman again. I am so gratefull to have met her” S.Y

— Stephanie

Rachel is a very wise woman. She is a the embodiment of a powerful Goddess. I have learned so much from her and every class or workshop i have attended is never the same. She seems to have a 7th sense for what is needed in the moment
— Sara

Rachel provides such a beautiful safe space to explore the Feminine in all her glory! I completely trust her processes and teachings. I come to these sessions to connect with myself on a deeper level and meet other women on this incredible journey. I love this work and only wish l found it sooner

— Pauline

I attended Rachel’s ‘Feminine Empowerment’ workshop and was very moved by her gentle, yet empowering approach. I found the workshop to be healing and informative. I left the workshop with great insight as to how I needed to claim back control of my body and soul. I can highly recommend Rachel and really look forward to attending another workshop in the future.

— Nicola