Tantric Bodywork


Tantric Breathwork & Bodywork Session


What Is this?

In a Tantric Bodywork session l will create the space and opportunity for tantric experiences to take you beyond your perceived limitations in life, sex and relationships – and supporting you to

~ open to greater intimacy
~ enhance your inner knowing
~ bring the spiritual element into sex.

Creating deeper feelings and sensations in your body not only feels good, it changes the way you relate with yourself and your beloveds and begins to remedy the sexual imbalance that permeates our society.

I will teach you to use your sexual energy (life force energy) consciously, through practical everyday exercises that can be continued at home – alone or with a partner – so that you will feel more free and alive in your body, your mind will become quieter and you will experience a greater sense of peace, health and wellbeing in your life.

Your session begins with a consultation to determine your priorities, this may include a discussion of your past relationships, your sexual history, your health and family background, in order for me to best understand your needs. Your session may cover any of the following:

  • Increasing your energy and enthusiasm for sex naturally, so you remember what it feels like when sexual energy flows through your body.
  • Ways to approach your partner so that the sexual interactions are more loving and connected.
  • Understanding how to approach potential lovers and have a conscious conversation about your desires in relating.
  • Being in alignment with yourself and learning how to express freely, without agendas and expectations.
  • Reconnecting with your masculine / feminine essence to increase your vitality and passion for life.
  • Learning to be in the moment each day.

A consultation is followed by a Tantric bodywork, breath work and de-armouring session where you lie on a massage matress and will be guided with your breath to relax and feel into your body. At the same time, l will make contact with various points on your body to support you:

  • to feel your natural flow of energy
  • to experience all the feelings and sensations moving through you
  • to allow natural expression of your body and voice
  • to release past trauma, fear and held tension in the body
  • to come out of the head and into the body
  • to release memories and feelings that may have kept you stuck in life
  • to drop social conditioning, expectations, fear and judgment about sex
  • to know yourself as orgasmic bliss.


During the bodywork, you may experience a deep healing, release of past emotions and memories, a heightened state of arousal or deep relaxation. The important thing is learning to trust your body and being to take you where you need to go, without struggling or pushing for an outcome. 

The Tantric Bodywork treatment is a healing and awakening session based upon the ancient principles of Tantra and Taoism, in conjunction with ground-breaking Western knowledge; to create a powerful and transformative form of therapy that is capable of releasing trauma at a cellular level within the body. This session is not a form of sexual service and nor is it focused upon exclusively treating one’s sexual organs.

This is a therapy that is healing for the body and the soul; designed to awaken and rejuvenate your body with sexual energy through ancient Tantric, de-armouring and Tao body techniques. This treatment session is not the same as some of the Tantric themed massage offered that are designed to provide sexual stimulation; instead this is a holistic therapy that can be used to tackle a series of problems. For example:


  • Low sex drive – not feeling like having sex (Hypo sexuality)
  • ‘Sex Addiction’ (Hyper sexuality: uncontrollable sexual behavior such as excessive viewing of pornography, visiting prostitutes, infidelity, etc.)
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Difficulties getting or staying sexually aroused
  • Premature ejaculation
  • Orgasm problems (difficulty or inability to reach orgasm)
  • Dyspareunia (painful intercourse)
  • Differences in sexual desire (frequency, what to do)
  • Relationship issues resulting from sexual tension and dissatisfaction (sex has become a sensitive topic)
  • Problems with the pelvic floor muscles, resulting in difficulty during urination, defecation, and sex
  • Difficulty in expressing oneself sexually
  • Sexual dissatisfaction in general
  • Problems with sexual orientation (homo/bi-sexuality) and/or “coming out” 
  • Problems concerning transvestism, transgender, or transsexuality
  • Problems concerning specific sexual interests (fetishes) 
  • Sex and (chronic) illnesses

Do you have a question, problem or complaint that is not mentioned above?

Please do not hesitate to contact me.

2 hours  £200,-

3 hours  £300,-

**Block Booking Discount**

When you book three sessions, which will have tobe paid in advance you get the 3rd session with 50% discount  



Beforehand you will receive a short questionnaire. We begin the first interview with these questions focusing on what are your desires, what do you want to change and what are your goals?

I only work with people who have done previous self development work and are ready to make a shift in life. Mental insight only is not enough. In order to transform you need to change your behavior. Which means: practice, practice and practice in order to repattern yourself. For instance: the idea that great sex always ends in a peak orgasm/ejaculation can be transformed into enjoying deep relaxation and high arousal at the same time and experiencing valley orgasms i.e warm sex. 

After your first session we decide together if we want to continue, if you do we will plan another 3 sessions.




Who are the sessions for?

My massage sessions are for discerning gentlemen and women who are seeking an authentic healing or tantric bodywork experience. I do not offer 'happy ending' massages, half-hour appointments or escort services. If this is what you are looking for from a session then please do not get in touch.

Can I touch you?

In a session there is one way touch and you are encouraged to relax and surrender into purely receiving; to be present with your breath and the sensations in your body in order to create a full-body energetic experience. I will be fully clothed and l will use gloves for the bodywork.

Preparation, location & arrival

Please be punctual but not early - there is no waiting room.

For intimate bodywork sessions please shower before your session, or you can use the towels and shower facilities provided, but this is included within your session time.

I work from a dedicated treatment space in Peaslake, Surrey. A full address will be given once a booking has been made and confirmed.

It's a good idea to avoid coffee and other caffeinated products for 24-48 hours before your session so your system is not over-stimulated. 

Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel your appointment, this is our policy:
- 50% of the session price with a 48h notice prior the appointment,
- 100% of the session price with a 24h notice prior the appointment. 

You can book a session at any moment calling this number: 07815590651 or email info@thefeminineawakened.com

For any other information, please contact me here, or if you’re ready book an appointment, click below.