Arvigo Abdominal Massage

120 MINUTES £95,- follow up £75,-


The Mayans were on to something when they started massaging tummies to improve organ function and promote general well-being. Maya abdominal massage is a gentle external massage that helps guide organs back into their correct positions, allowing them to function more normally.

The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy® are founded on these ancient techniques, and are best known for helping misalignment or congestion in the reproductive organs of both men and women (they also address many common digestive disorders). By effectively alleviating tissue congestion and organ constriction, these techniques improve the vital flows of energy, blood, lymph and nerves in the abdomen. It can release emotional and energetic tension which could be causing unnecessary stress on your body.

The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy® assist in preventing the progression of chronic diseases whilst improving the body’s ability to self-repair and re-balance.   (This technique is suitable for women, men, and children.)




Holistic Pelvic Care 

Intake session 90 MINUTES £150,-

follow up 75 minutes £100,-

Holistic Pelvic Care™ is a gentle, internal pelvic bodywork pioneered by Portland-based women’s health physical therapist Tami Kent.  Just as other major muscles of the body can become tightened, stressed and imbalanced from overwork, so too can the internal muscles of the pelvic bowl become imbalanced from illness, stress, or trauma.

Holistic Pelvic Care™ combines gentle, internal massage with energetic and emotional balancing techniques. These techniques help reestablish strength and synergy in the pelvic musculature, increase blood flow to the pelvic organs, and help decrease problematic symptoms. 

Women describe immediate effects of a new internal awareness and sense of well-being in the core. The pelvis serves a woman in many ways and yet receives little direct care. Women also describe feeling more relaxed and centered, a greater sense of support, and increased strength in their pelvic muscles. On a clinical level, the internal massage increases blood and energy flow, revitalizing a woman’s root and enhancing her overall pelvic health.



Sexological Bodywork

Intake session 2 hours £175,-

Sexological Bodywork (somatic sexology) is a new profession and a process of somatic learning.

Through different methods, you will get to know your body, your unique pleasure pathways, and how your body and mind are related, which will allow you to make informed choices that come from within.

Sexological bodywork is about being curious of your inner world and your body responses, its about becoming present to what is and your inner world.

Sexological bodywork can also be about:

  • Pleasure, relaxation, sensitivity, sensuality, awakening of your body and sexuality (somatic awakening)

  • Learning about your bodies anatomy, sexual organs, and genitals (somatic learning)

  • Healing pain that is held in your body, sexual, birth, post surgery, and unresolved past trauma (somatic healing)

  • Strengthening the connection to your higher Self, awakening to your potential and opening to your deepest calling and desires (somatic empowering)

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