In a Somatic bodywork session, I will create a space that is free of judgements, its a opportunity for somatic experiences to take you beyond your perceived limitations in life.


What are Somatic Bodywork sessions?

Each session starts with a conversation about your learning objectives, and goals for the session. Sessions are client-oriented ("client-led"). These are bespoke sessions and tailored to each woman individual needs and interests. In these sessions Rachel combines all her skills and can work with you to create a experience that you need and desire. All contact is with consent and only within the limits of the client. I will create a safe, beautiful, sacred space for you to home to your inner world.



  • Becoming aware of your habits, boundaries, trusting and learning to feel safe in your own body.

  • Learning to express, how, where, and if, you want to receive touch.

  • Learning how to express boundaries, yes, no, maybe, freely, without agendas and expectations.

  • Expressing yourself through breath, sound and movement, being witnessed with your feelings and emotions that are held in your body.

  • Exploring scars, release past trauma, fear and held tension in your body.

  • Ways to explore your body map, finding places that feel numb and places that feel pleasurable.

Creating deeper feelings and sensations in your body not only feels good, it changes the way you relate with yourself and your beloveds and begins to remedy the imbalance that permeates our society.

I will teach you to consciously connect with your body, as a tool and bridge to more, through practical everyday exercises that can be continued at home – alone or with a partner – so that you will feel more free and alive in your body, your mind will become quieter and you will experience a greater sense of peace, health and wellbeing in your life. 


  • Mapping of the body.

  • Conscious, gentle touch, which is free of goals or expectations

  • Scar remediation

  • Pelvic floor mapping

  • Pelvic floor meditations

  • Pelvic massage for educational support

  • Anatomy of the pelvis

  • Breathwork

Your session begins with a intake call, or a free 30 minute Skype session, to establish your learning objectives,  this may include a discussion of your past relationships, your history, your health and family background, in order for me to best understand your needs.

After the intake call, you will receive a detailed questionnaire and we will schedule a initial session. In the first session we will establish your leaning objective and co-create a educational contract. If we both decide we want to work together we will make a plan and generally that means we schedule another 5 sessions or more.



  • Dysmenorrhea/Amenorrhea/PMS

  • Endometriosis/PCOS/fibroids/cysts

  • Fertility issues

  • Menopausal issues

  • Musculo-skeletal issues

  • Identify structural issues affecting fetal position and motility.

  • Troubleshooting side effects of pregnancy.

  • Supporting emotional journey through pregnancy.

  • Low sex drive

  • Sex Addiction

  • Feeling numb and disconnected from the body

  • Sexual trauma

  • Shame and guild around sexuality

  • Post surgery, scar remediation

  • Difficulties getting or staying sexually aroused

  • Orgasm problems (difficulty or inability to reach orgasm)

  • Dyspareunia (painful intercourse)

  • Relationship issues resulting from tension and dissatisfaction

  • Problems with the pelvic floor muscles, resulting in difficulty during urination, defecation, and sex

  • Difficulty in expressing oneself, your wants and needs

Do you have a question, or issues that is not mentioned above?  Please do not hesitate to contact me.



Preparation, location & arrival

Please be punctual but not early - there is no waiting room.

I work from a dedicated treatment space in Surrey. A full address will be given once a booking has been made and confirmed.

It's a good idea to avoid coffee and other caffeinated products for 24-48 hours before your session so your system is not over-stimulated. 


If you need to cancel your appointment, this is our policy:
- 50% of the session price with a 48h notice prior the appointment,
- 100% of the session price with a 24h notice prior the appointment. 

You can book a session at any moment calling this number: 07815590651 or email

Initial 90- Minute Session + 2x 75-Minute Follow-Up ••• £230,-

Initial 90- Minute Session + 4x 75-Minute Follow-Up••• £375,-

Individual SESSION
Initial 90-Minute Session ••• £95,-
75-Minute Follow-Up ••• £75,-

For any other information, please contact me here, or if you’re ready book an appointment, click below.