Heart Awakening Ceremony

Sound and Energy Healing

Next Workshop is the 4th of May 2019

Time:10.30am till 3.30pm


Increase Vitality, Health & Pleasure through ceremony and ritual
Energy amplifies whenever intention, focus, desire and hearts meet.

We practice ways to enliven, open, heal, cleanse and purify our first and second chakras, as well as strengthen and understand our pelvic region in ways we may have not previously understood. Increase your overall health and vitality while flourishing in the nurturing, beautiful, sacred and safe space of your Divine Sisters.

For both the beginner and advanced Yogini Practitioner
Join this small group of  women for a safe and supportive workshop of exploration and expansion.



What To Bring

  • Comfortable clothing, layers

  • Open Mind

  • Notebook, pen

  • An open heart



What NOT To Bring

  • Attachment to outcomes

  • Your Mind :)

  • Strong perfume


Feel more sensation in your Breasts.
Reclaim your femininity & sensual essence. 
Boost your life-force energy.
Strengthen your connection with your heart.
Balance your hormones with more blood flow to your pelvic floor. 

Are you ready to REALLY change?

Would you like to discover the amazing hidden world of your Feminine body?

Is it time to nurture your breasts and connect with your heart on a deeper level?

l will teach never been taught material before and will guide you through a series of self care practices and ancient practices.

During this day we’ll be:

Creating a new relationship or deepening our existing relationship with our body and heart

Practicing Tao Yin Yoga to open up, clear and transform our energy

Exploring practices to cultivate pleasure and sensuality

Slow down, softening, relax and just BE - an antidote to the often hard, fast and stressful world

Connecting with your heart and breast- a place women often have little or no relationship with. Getting to know this place anchors and grounds us in the root of our being

Practices ways to support you to cultivate vitality, aliveness and sexual energy in your body and your life

Come home and get to know your soul self

This day also includes a Healing sound bath with Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls

Experience the power of sound in a sacred space as you are guided on a healing journey within through the use of alchemy crystal bowls. This fusion of potent vibrations will work through you rapidly and concisely to shake out stagnant energies, blocked emotions and trapped thought patterns.

Naturally the sounds will guide you to relax and unwind so that you can truly receive. It is calming and soothing yet powerful on many levels and each time you can experience something different.. Often people feel very 'physical' sensations and shifts happening in the body and energy throughout the session.

I have created this day as this work has changed my life and know how profound and transforming it can be. I am a Yoga teacher, a Holistic Pelvic Care provider, Somatic Sex Educator, and Arvigo Abdominal Maya massage therapist. I have been studying the Taoist healing arts, and Energy healing for women for the last 10 years.


Saturday the 6th of April 10.30am till 3.30pm

Where: Peaslake, Surrey

Cost: £60,-

This workshop is open to all women.

Contact me to book via messenger or email info@thefeminineawakened.com

Terms & Conditions:

Your booking on a workshop is confirmed when the fee is received. All fees are non refundable. Cancellations before the event are non-refundable and non-transferable

The Workshop is suitable for ALL women.
This is a closed group of 10 women. 
Please email me if you want to join this group.



Welcome Circle
Warm up through sharing, movement and experimental processes
Snacks, tea, chocolate, (bring your own lunch)
Chi gong, Chi Self Massage, Energy Healing, Breast meditation
Sound Healing


Fee is non- transferable and non refundable. A cancellation must be made 24 hours before the scheduled time of the workshop.