Body Bliss Day Retreat

Next Workshop 9th of November 2019

Time:10.30am till 5pm


Increase Vitality, Health & Pleasure through ceremony and ritual
Energy amplifies whenever intention, focus, desire and hearts meet.

We practice ways to enliven, open, heal, cleanse and purify our first and second chakras, as well as strengthen and understand our pelvic region in ways we may have not previously understood. Increase your overall health and vitality while flourishing in the nurturing, beautiful, sacred and safe space of your Divine Sisters.

For both the beginner and advanced Yogini Practitioner
Join this small group of  women for a safe and supportive workshop of exploration and expansion.



We’ll explore a combination of pelvic embodiment & movement, self massage, guided meditation and theory. I’ll also give you tools and practices to take home to go deeper with. 

These practices are intended to enliven your pelvis, spark your creativity and bring more playfulness and sensitivity to your daily life. 

Pelvic Embodiment & Somatic Movement
I’m going to share some very special material from my personal movement practice for epic pelvic awakening, sensitivity and increased blood flow.

Self Massage & Exploration
We’ll do some gentle self massage & touch for relaxation, healing, sensitivity &  pelvic awareness.

Guided Meditation
There’ll be guided meditations to explore our relationship to our bodies and pelvic space, as well as expand our awareness and sensitivity.

Tools and Practices to take home
You’ll receive a bunch of tools, practices and important information to take home and weave into your daily life in your relationship with your your body.

Q & A 
We’ll have a Q & A at the end, which will give you a chance to ask questions about sexual wellness, pelvic sensivity, pleasure, anatomy or whatever you like!



We’ll touch on many topics, including… 

  • Pelvic wellness practices & deep self care rituals

  • Bringing more sensitivity & aliveness into your body

  • Movement practices for awakening

  • Lesser known anatomy education

  • Healing emotionally from past experiences

  • Reclaiming your body as your own

  • Moving emotions through your body

  • Living a awake life every damn day

  • Loving your body on a whole other level

  • Releasing shame and guilt

And hopefully you’ll leave having received…

  • The incredible gift to yourself of time and space to simply be with your body.

  • A deeper understanding of the amazingness of your pelvic space and your pelvic anatomy (not the boring complicated bits though!)

  • Practical techniques to boost your self care practice, feel more sensitivity, pleasure and aliveness in your hips and pelvis.

  • A juicified, gooey, lushed up feminine body, pulsating with aliveness.

  • A stronger connection with yourself as a radiant being.

  • Embodied tools to support you when you’re feeling numb or disconnected from your body.

Are you ready to REALLY change?

A whole delicious day of embodied practices & exploration

  1. Lots of tools and practices to take home with you

  2. Create deep shifts in your connection
    with your body

  3. Feel juicy aliveness in your hips and pelvis

I have created this day as this work has changed my life and know how profound and transforming it can be. I am a Yoga teacher, a Holistic Pelvic Care provider, Somatic Sex Educator, and Arvigo Abdominal Maya massage therapist. I have been studying the Taoist healing arts, and Energy healing for women for the last 10 years.


9th of November

10.30am till 5pm

Where: Peaslake, Surrey

Cost: £95,-

This workshop is open to all women.

Contact me to book via messenger or email

Terms & Conditions:

Your booking on a workshop is confirmed when the fee is received. All fees are non refundable. Cancellations before the event are non-refundable and non-transferable


Fee is non- transferable and non refundable. A cancellation must be made 24 hours before the scheduled time of the workshop.

The Workshop is suitable for ALL women.
This is a closed group of 10 women. 
Please email me if you want to join this group.