I create sacred ceremony for women and couples to realign their lives with their hearts
and become free from limiting beliefs.

About Rachel

Rachel is passionate about life, ceremony, awakening consciousness, and studying ancient wisdom teachings. Over the last decade she has transformed herself from a successful model to being an expert in pelvic floor health, yoga, female health, and consciousness, touching the lives of clients in a way that has been profoundly transformative.

Her work is knowledge based yet highly intuitive, and is building a bridge between Western philosophy and Eastern esoteric traditions. She sees working with the female body, as a gateway to connect with immense untapped resources for personal growth, and this unique combination gives her powerful tools to offer transformational work.

She offers ritual and ceremony in nature and offers women circles that are in alignment with natures cycle and the moon. Her life is dedicated to transforming women’s relationship with their bodies and support them to align them with their highest nature.

Rachels work is, body oriented, focused on awakening and transformation. It requires you to be willing to bring yourself with honesty, to face uncomfortable feelings and embrace new parts of yourself.

She creates safe, and sacred space for you to get in touch with your body, emotions, sexuality and vulnerability, and the blocks that impede its fullest expression. Rachel provides an opportunity for you to experience yourself in a new way, being able to let go of patterns of shame, fear, anger, grief or guilt.

She is compassionate and loving, yet direct. She has a natural gift of opening peoples hearts and the ability to align you with your Divine Self.

The ceremony’s and rituals that she offers are a way to step more fully into the expression of your authentic self, that is who you are in your essence. In these women’s circles, we use the vehicle of the physical form, and nature as a gateway to align body, mind, and soul with the one consciousness or spirit which we are all a part. It is designed with the aim of accelerating our spiritual awakening process.

When our sense of well-being is compromised with stress, negativity, and fear, our bodies become contracted and energetically out of alignment. This contraction and misalignment affects us physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. The work that Rachel offers can help you become more aware of your inner reality, including your emotions, as well as your mind and it’s thought processes that may have contributed to the dis- ease. As a portal to the formless dimension within, working with the body in a somatic way enables us to return to wholeness and inner balance, resulting in an ease and flow with the present moment. It aligns you with your true nature, which is awareness or consciousness.






Professional Training & Background…

Rachels work draws on a rich tapestry of wisdom, threads gathered through a long life journey which include: 

  • sacred ceremony and rituals

  • earth based wisdom

  • conscious relationship and sacred sexuality

  • nutrition and healthy eating

  • ancient womb wisdom teachings

  • somatic movement and bodywork

  • meditation and yoga practice

  • energy healing

  • sound healing

Over the past twenty years, she had studied and explored many paths to awakening and expansion. She is certified in the following; Yoga, Meditation, Holistic Pelvic Care, Arvigo Abdominal massage®️, Sexological Bodywork, Tantra, Taoism, Shadow work, and body de-armouring.

She works with clients on all levels of the heart, body, soul, spirit, and mind. Rachel is grateful for the opportunity to learn and be inspired by many different teachers and experts in their fields and has received direct teachings from the following teachers in areas including Embodiment, Psychotherapy, Tantra, Bodywork and Spirituality…

Ma Ananda Sarita

Shashi Solluna

Minke de Vos

Diane and Micheal Richardson

Tami Lynn Kent

Miranda Gray

Sasha Cobra

Eckhart Tolle