6 Weeks Online Course

The Essence of Womanhood Reawaken the Authentic Feminine

Six life-changing weeks exploring and embodying the Authentic Feminine

So many women are rising up doing incredible spiritual practice and personal growth work.

Yet many sense that there is something in their bodies that must be fully turned towards in order to become the embodied, powerful women that they are. 

Many women intuitively know that there is a deep and holy mystery inside of their bodies.

And for many women, this knowing cannot be ignored any longer.

Pure Love, Crazy Wisdom, Deep Receptivity, Wild Innocence and Profound Connection With the Sacredness at the Heart of Existence.


This 6 week online course is for women who want to connect with their authentic, feminine, qualities.

Wouldn’t it be nice to live in a world where we trusted our femininity, or wisdom, or bodies, instead of judging them. It is time to take your relationship with 
yourself to the next level? In this six week journey you will experience a profound connection with your self, designed to further the awakening of the feminine that is already happening on the planet today —and allow you to integrate this shift more continuously in daily life.

This practical 6-week journey is full of epic, self care practices, informative lectures, play, somatic movement, meditation, self-enquiry, and journaling to make this course an embodied experience with practical tools you can use every day.

You’ll receive…

  • Regular emails throughout the course

  • 6 x groups calls with Rachel for sharing, practices and Q & A (recorded & sent to you afterwards)

  • Access to our supportive sisterhood online Facebook group

  • Recorded meditations to keep, resources for further learning and lots of bonus material

  • Optional extra private coaching with Rachel at reduced rates for accountability & tailored support

We’ll explore topics including…

  • Pelvic wellness practices

  • Self care practices

  • Bringing more sensitivity into your body

  • Movement practices for awakening

  • Feeling more alive in your breasts anytime

  • Lesser known anatomy of the female pelvis

  • Pleasure practices to raise your consciousness

  • Reclaiming your body as your own

  • Moving emotions through your body

  • Living a pleasurable life every damn day

  • Loving your body on a whole other level

  • Womb meditations and connection

  • And many more!

What we will cover…

Week 0: Introduction and Intention

  • Introductions

  • Sharing our agreements

  • Setting your intention

Week 1: Your Body

  • What is your body teaching you, what do you feel, what do you notice?

  • Listening and tap into the wisdom that lives inside the depths of your body

  • Allowing, accepting and compassion for what is

  • Learn embodiment practices to connect more deeply to your body

Week 2: Self Care 

  • What is ‘self care’ and why is it so important for your well being and your female body?

  • Owning your needs and wants, learning to set boundaries

  • Movement practices for awakening

  • Learn and integrate new self care practices in your daily life, that support you on your journey of discovery

Week 3: Period, Menstrual Cycle awareness

  • Epic practices and tools for menstrual cycle awareness

  • The number one tool for awakening……. is your period, learn how it can support you to live a more happy, balanced life

  • Learn your inner seasons so that you can live in alignment with them

    Week 4: Womb, cervix, ovaries, your pelvic bowl

  • Learn and get to know your root

  • Understand the power of your pelvis

  • Your relationship to your pelvic bowl as a source of creativity and power

  • Your anatomy for more sensation

Week 5: Open your heart

  • Connect with your breasts

  • Open the gates of your heart

  • Learn sensational breast massages and breast meditations

Week 6: Trusting your ongoing journey

  • How to live a empowered life as a woman?

  • Learn ways to connect with your deeper knowing and intuition

  • Own your, dreams, hopes and desires

  • Sisterhood, find your tribe, what’s next?


Course Format

  • 6x 90 minute group sessions with Rachel on Mondays at 7pm (UTC)

  • All sessions are recorded so you can listen anytime and repeat

  • Facebook group for sharing, feedback, questions, support and celebrating

  • Weekly ‘homework’, practices, recourses, exercises to integrate what you learn each week

  • Each class includes key teachings and an opportunity for Q&A

  • Facebook lives for any further questions and learnings


We will begin on Monday the 4th of November 7pm GMT. Calls will be recorded in case you have to miss one.

Monday 4th of November Week 1: Your Body

Monday 11th of November Week 2: Self care

Monday 18th of November Week 3: Period, menstrual cycle awareness

Monday 25th of November Week 4: Womb, cervix, ovaries, pelvic bowl

Monday 2nd of December Week 5: Opening you heart space

Monday 9th of December Week 6: Trusting your journey

Course Price

£95,- Early Bird pay before 21st of October)
£125,- Thereafter


  • Your booking on the course is only confirmed when the full fee is received.

  • This course is non-transferable and non-refundable and due within 24 hours of accepting a place on the course.

  • Cancellation of your course place up to two weeks prior to start: 50% of the course fee is applicable.

  • Cancellation of your course place two weeks or less prior to start: 100% of your course fee is applicable.