The Feminine Awakened

4 month Program

When you heal and celebrate your body as sacred, you activate your feminine birthright… your capacity to magnetize and receive what you’ve been longing for.

  • Attract connected, empowered relationships

  • Reclaim your voice / speak your truth

  • Illuminate your true soul path

  • Activate your feminine power and presence

  • Deepen your personal divine guidance

  • Strengthen sisterhood bonds in a unique way

The Feminine Awakened is building a community of conscious woman, who bring authenticity, impeccable integrity and planetary shifts.

Rachel supports women to release and heal the (ancestral) wounding that holds them back from their capacity to live vital, passionate, joyful, and abundant lives.

Represent the leading edge of personal growth and power

Accelerate your capacity to magnetize abundance and wealth

Rise to your full potential as a conscious woman and healer

Elevate your mission and purpose 

Know beyond all doubt you are contributing to planetary healing

As the collective feminine wounds comes roaring to the surface for integration, The Feminine is Rising and calling YOU to your highest soul alignment. There is no more time to waste. She is calling you to take a stand for Awakening and Healing right now. Once you activate your personal power and awakening, you become a Chalice that overflows with radiance and wholeness and impacts the entire web of our existence – a Vessel of awakening and healing for everyone you come into contact with. 

When women gather in sacred circle, anything and everything is possible. When women learn how to hold sacred space for each other’s awakening and healing, big magic happens. This is the leading edge of personal growth and development–the final frontier.

 The world needs YOUR unique, authentic power!

  • Do you find it difficult to love your self?

  • Are you suffering from low self-esteem and lack self-confidence?

  • Are you scared to feel certain feelings and feel numbed out as a result?

  • Do you often judge yourself, feel not good enough as you are and are you driven by perfectionism?

  • Do you put other people first and neglect your own needs and wants?

  • Do you lose yourself in relationships?

  • Do you lack healthy boundaries and wonder where your feminine power is hiding?

  • Do you feel an imbalance between your inner masculine and inner feminine?

  • Are you more or less dissatisfied sexually?

  • Do you miss a spark of life?

  • Are you energetically sensitive, which makes you often feel overwhelmed and blocked?

      • Do you feel restricted and withhold your true self?

This 4 month program is a awakening and healing journey with a circle of women who want to make a difference in this world, together we will be exploring feminine potential, self-worth, sexuality, empowerment, integrity and true sisterhood.

In this unique program, you are invited to become the creator over your own life in all its aspects. If you want to live your full potential, it starts with being willing to take care of and love yourself on an emotional, mental, physical and spiritual level. With this new approach to life, new realities are created and more constructive behavioral patterns are appearing in your professional life, in your intimate relationships and towards yourself.

This in-depth program is for women who are looking for something that is more than the average. The teaching is based on heart-centered connection and is a well-balanced mix between experiencing, reflection, expression, and manifestation.

Rachel is providing conditions for you as a woman to grow, flourish, and evolve whether it is in your role as mother, career woman, partner or lover.

Forget all about doing and performing, you are here for you and simply be you!

Your second chakra, or pelvic center, is the root source of your financial, sexual, creative, and emotional life. It holds enormous power from bringing forth life to ecstatic Joy far beyond imagination. It’s also holding centuries of conditioning… cultural, personal, and ancestral. Rachel has developed this 4 month program that allows women to connect with their bodies in a gentle, soft, slow and safe, way.

Old beliefs about yourself are changed, limiting believes are removed and you get the possibility to grow in a safe and kind atmosphere. You are invited to explore your authentic self, your self-esteem and to find your power from inside out instead of the other way around.

This program is for every woman with a longing to integrate, authenticity, self-worth and self-realization. The feminine awakened is about coming home to your Self and unleashing your inner strength and feminine power.


INVESTMENT: Early Bird before 19th of December £475,- Thereafter £550,-

DATES: Start at 10:30am till 5pm, includes a light, healthy, vegan lunch, teas and snacks. This program does not include accommodation.

  • 25/26 January (Learn to ground yourself, re-connect with yourself and celebrate your desires and goals)

  • 29/1 February/March ( awakening your sensual self, explore your inner fire and power)

  • 28/29 March ( heal your heart, speak your truth)

  • 25/26 April (Express yourself, claim your feminine essence)

If you feel ready for this transformational program, you will be invited to go deep. We don’t sit around and only talk about awakening; we’re all about direct experience. We practice an all inclusive in-the-body connection, beyond dusty dogmas and far fetched goals of the future. Awakening, instead of being a peak experience you once had or a concept you read about and compare yourself with, becomes a lived and embodied realisation of freedom and love, uniquely experienced and expressed through each woman.

This is a highly experiential path; a lot of the practices are interactive and include movement and also respectful touch.

In the sessions, we spend time in silent sitting, dance, yoga, voice expressing, sharing, talks and interactive practices, which include touch, contemplation, emotional expression and voicing. Our practice includes yoga, somatic movement, and dance most days, so be prepared to move your body.

You will need to be able to be objective and explore yourself and assist other women on their journey. You will be asked to participate in both the weekends and the mutual sister support groups. Within our women's circle, we make ourselves available, to support each other, and take time for our own journey throughout the 4 month program. And perhaps also afterwards, because friendships for life often arise during this program.

This program is less suitable for you if you don't like to be touched. Your boundaries will of course always be respected, but if you feel a strong resistance to touch, this is probably not for you. The program might not suit you if you cannot or do not want to reflect on what you feel, both emotionally and physically. I would be happy to support you in a different way, for example with individual coaching or with another online program.

Do you have questions? Do you want to know if this program is suitable for you? Feel free to call or email me. You can ask anything during a free introductory meeting. We will then look together whether this program is for you.