Holistic Pelvic Care™
What is it?
Holistic Pelvic Care™ is a gentle, pelvic bodywork pioneered by Portland-based women’s health physical therapist Tami Kent.  Just as other major muscles of the body can become tightened, stressed and imbalanced from overwork, so too can the internal muscles of the pelvic bowl become imbalanced from illness, stress, or trauma.
Holistic Pelvic Care™ combines gentle bodywork, with energetic and emotional balancing techniques. These techniques help reestablish strength and synergy in the pelvic musculature, increase blood flow to the pelvic organs, and help decrease problematic symptoms.

Who benefits from this treatment?
Any woman who is looking to reestablish a connection to her pelvic bowl or simply nurture her female body in a holistic way may benefit from one or more treatment sessions. However, specific concerns that may be aided by Holistic Pelvic Care™ include (but are not limited to):

  • Painful sexual activity, intercourse, or sexual dysfunction

  • Urinary leakage or incontinence

  • Chronic bladder or vaginal infections

  • Fertility support

  • Preparing for conception/pregnancy

  • Postpartum complaints and recovery

  • Pelvic congestion

  • Uterine prolapse

  • Menstrual pain

  • History of pelvic trauma or abuse

  • Healing after pregnancy loss or abortion


The First Appointment

At the first appointment  you will be asked some questions about your medical history and why it is you want to have Holistic Pelvic CareTM. We discuss what has brought you here and what goals you have for treatment. In order to gain a clear picture about what you want from the treatment, we will discuss other aspects of your health alongside any physical symptoms, such as your emotional wellbeing.

I offer educational and informative sessions about pelvic anatomy using skeletal anatomical models, and teach you self care technics for pelvic floor health.

During a treatment l offer a variety of techniques such as gentle massage, myofascial release, trigger point therapy as well as visualisations and breathwork to aid and deepen the treatment. Treatment not only involves direct work with the muscles of the pelvic floor, but also works with any physical and energetic imbalances within the vagina, ovaries, uterus, bladder and rectum helping to address any organ dysfunction.

Follow-up Sessions

Follow-up sessions can be quite close together for example if you are working to strengthen the pelvic space after childbirth or a programme of care has been decided in for incontinence. It is then suggested that women attend either every 3, 6 or 12 months for maintenance/preventative treatments. Holistic Pelvic CareTM then forms part of your individual self-care.


What effects will I feel after a session?

The treatment increases blood and energy flow in the pelvis, and women often leave with a marked decrease in symptoms as well as increased pelvic tone and pelvic muscle engagement. Many women leave a Holistic Pelvic Care session feeling more connected to their pelvic space and feeling more aware of themselves and their needs.

Women report a renewed sense of overall quality of life with greater awareness of their life in general. They tend to adapt more nourishing and self-caring practices and views. Taking time for themselves and their lives.

The process of restoring physical and energetic balance to the pelvic space and working deeply with the body means that emotions sometimes surface.


Holistic Pelvic™️ Clients

Initial 90- Minute Session + 75-Minute Follow-Up + 75-Minute Follow-Up  ••• £230,--

Initial 90- Minute Session + 4x 75-Minute Follow-Up  ••• £375,-

Holistic Pelvic Care SESSION
Initial 90-Minute Session ••• £95,-
75-Minute Follow-Up ••• £75,-


Cancellation Policy

You can book a session at any moment calling this number: 07815590651 or email info@thefeminineawakened.com

If you need to cancel your appointment, this is our policy:
- 50% of the session price with a 48h notice prior the appointment,
- 100% of the session price with a 24h notice prior the appointment. 

You have two options for intake forms - either to fill them out on a digital form or, If you have access to a printer, you may print, fill out and bring the intake forms with you. 

The process of sitting down and filling out the intake forms for the Holistic Pelvic Care treatment sparks the beginning of our healing work together, before we've formally met for our first session. Please allow 15-20 minutes to fill these out. It is the start of the process,  which seeks to address healing on multiple levels. Thank you in advance for taking the time to tell me about you. 

Feel free to contact me with any questions or to make an appointment please click below.