A Feminine yoga practice

❤️Women, and yoga,❤️ is a subject l like to talk about a lot. I was thinking about this masterclass and what I want to share with you, it's important to say that the word woman to me means less as in terms of a specific sex, but more as a feminine force. We could really think of it as yin. I want you to think of it as this femininity that is longing to be expressed on the planet at this time. 

I really believe that a lot of the yoga that we have been presented with, albeit from very deeply, dedicated, teachers, has come to us through channels of the yang perspective and this isn't bad, this isn't bad at all, this is beautiful, it's to be celebrated. 

But after 12 years of practice of yoga🌟and having been the loyal student of many great, male teachers I will say that this Divine Feminine really does not hold as much of her seat yet in the yoga world, and in the yoga experience, and in the yoga community as I think she longs to have. 

A woman's body physiologically is different. The chemicals that make up her body are different.

The brain is also structured slightly differently and so to think that a woman would enter into the practice of yoga in the same way as a man is really shortsighted.

l think 80% of yoga practitioners today on this planet are women. 🙏

We really need to look at that. So as men and women activate the Divine Feminine in themselves, our asanas may start to look different, they may look more feminine, they may have more rounded edges, they may be more circular instead of so linear and arrow-like movements.

The asana might begin to emerge spontaneously out of this direct connection with this feminine life force. It may want to move, and shake, and dance, and blaze, you.

Maybe we need to also feel. Emotions can be powerful entry points into the deepest forms of meditation. Maybe the invitation of the Feminine is to feel it all. The raw, wild tiger of anger. Maybe we need to learn to sit with those feelings instead of making a perfect aligned asana and hold it for 5 breaths. 

This isn't to say we abandon alignment, no, we need it all. But my focus of the work l do and offer is dedicated to the Feminine Force. I love to support women re-align themselves and re-connect with their feminine essence. 

As l started to drop the rigid movements and became more interest in fluid, sensual and circler shapes, I noticed that my body responded better to this kind of practice. 
It felt more natural and in alignment with my monthly cycles and the moon🌕. It felt just a little bit more gentle, kinder, softer and slower.

The changes that started to happen in my classes evolved naturally with ease and grace.
I learned a lot in those years of transitioning and l am passionate about sharing with you this free masterclass.

Recording of the Masterclass Below


Rachel Whitehead