The Female Prostate

❤️The female prostate❤️

Yes, we have a prostate. Better know as the g-spot, which was named after Dr. Grafenberg, who supposedly discovered it. Unfortunately his description of this area as a "dime-sized spot" is incorrect. Why we name a female body part after a male is a whole another story. 

In modern day tantra this area is called the Goddess spot or Sacred spot. This doesn't really resolve the problem because this sponge at the anterior of the vagina is really a tube of erectile tissue. This sensitive zone is located above the vaginal roof, along the mid-line, behind and under the arch of the pubic bone. 

To repeat: it is not a spot, it's a cylinder of spongy erectile tissue, and you can feel and see it, through the front part of the top wall of the vagina. 

This area exist in EVERY women. When a women isn't aroused there's not much there to feel and see. But when aroused the spongy tube will swell up. 

When l first heard of this area and how it could be pleasurable when simulated and even lead to female ejaculation, l was both horrified and intrigued. On one hand l thought it was disgusting and on the other hand l wanted to know more about it. 

But when l read about how we can shut this area down and how most women have numbed this area, through just focussing on strong stimulation of the clitoris, l realised l was one of them. I was always making myself hard and tightened my whole pelvis during sex. This tightening and clenching prevented me from experiencing any other forms in myself that could be pleasurable. 

The female prostate is the most amazing and life transforming place in a female body. By allowing the body to fully let go, the Goddess will incarnate. In fact l always experience spiritual awakening and the truth of who l am. Which is, not this body, not my thoughts, not my past and not my future. In fact most of the time l drop into a deep belly laughter about everything l have gone through in my life, this can last for hours and l can feel the after effects for days to follow. 

I highly recommend every women to stop focusing on the clitoris for at least 21 days in a row. Specially if you can only experience pleasure through touching this part. If you want to open up to other forms of pleasure we need to learn how to play other strings and awakening our body in different areas. If we consciously practice a different form of pleasure for 21 days you will experience a amazing sexual awaking which will be much more fulfilling and deep. Enjoy

Rachel Whitehead