The Collective Female Pain body

♥️The collective Female Pain body♥️

Apart from a personal pain body, every person has a collective pain body. (unless fully awakened) The collective female pain body awakens particular around the pre menstrual phase. It lies dormant for most of the month and then suddenly it throws you off your feet, out of the blue.
This is the phase that most of fear and hate, it is that time of the month, that we would like to skip. It is that time that we can suddenly explode into rage, deep grief, and fear. We can also experience physical pain and other ailments. Tiredness, headaches, cramps, and muscles tightness.
It is the awakening of the female pain body. 
This pain body consists of the accumulated pain suffered by women, slavery, exploitation, rape, sexual assaults, abuse, childbirth, child loss etc. Recently we could see the #metoo movement, shaking things up, and a lot of women started to share their, deeply, vulnerable stories. These are all signs that women are rushing toward full consciousness.

But often a woman is "taken over" by this pain body, since it has an extremely energetic pull, which can easily make you identify with it and lose awareness of your Inner Truth. 
In the past women would traditionally come together in a "Red Tent" and gather to share stories and grow in community and oneness. For a while we as women have been lost and have been trying to be, and life like men. This in turn has resulted in us being disconnected from our cycles and bodies. But now we are starting to see all around the world, more and more women circles, pop up like mushrooms. And surprise surprise, WOMEN ARE WAKING UP. Women are starting to believe that it is their birth right to be a bridge between the Manifest and the Un-Manifest.

The menstrual cycle has an important role to play in a woman's awakening. (even if you don't menstruate anymore, you will be able to tap into the collective pain body in other ways, but that's another post)
Before we start to bleed, our collective pain body will be awakened. For example on day 19/20, l very often wake up and l suddenly can't stand my partner, everything he does and says awakens in me, a rage, a feeling of being misunderstood, a feeling of not being heard or seen by him at all. If l am awake enough and are able to catch this thought and feeling before "it takes me over", l will realise that it is the collective pain body awakening. The rage l feel towards my partner has nothing to do with him but with the collective hurt and patriarchy that has partly been accumulated through male subjugation of the female. 

Or for example, l feel pain or soreness in my breast, if l lose myself in it, l will be drawn into endless thoughts, and my mind will be filled with catastrophic scenarios. I might have cancer or some other disease, which will require me to go to the hospital and put my body through endless tests and check ups. Again this is the collective pain body of the feminine knocking on my door. 
Or my belly is suddenly a bit rounder/ fuller and l seem to have gained more weight around my thighs, my face is full of pimples and even my eyes have lost their radiance. I will be looking in the mirror and l don't like what l see. I will judge myself as, to fat, to old, or to ugly. I loose myself into feelings of being unattractive, unloved, alone and separate from my partner. The isolation l feel and the feelings of not being good enough is all the pressure we have been put under, through media and television which has made the female body into a object, and which has made us believe that we need to be, or look a certain way to be right, to be loved, to be seen. Of course if l am able to catch these thoughts, l will soon realise that this is a collective pain we as women all share.

Now..... the good news. The menstrual cycle is your portal into awakening. (and so is every situation which brings a challenge, or a illness, or death) Even birth and sexuality are extremely powerful portals for awakening. 
The key is...
Yes, it is that simple. Bring consciousness to the first thought or feeling that awakens your pain body. If you are awake enough you can be present with this feeling or thought (which means without judgment). When you can be present with the feeling or thought, if you can go fully into this sensation, this energy, you feel in your body. It will soon dissolve and you will realise your True Nature through clear seeing and knowing.
It is not a surprise that women are waking up faster and faster. The number of women that are now approaching the fully conscious state is rising and will be growing in the years to follow. So women embrace your menstrual cycle and especially the pre-menstrual phase. It is your portal into realising your true nature. Your Divinity....

Rachel Whitehead