Tantric orgasm for women

❤️tantric orgasm for women❤️

When l first heard about this l had no idea what it meant. All l knew, was that l wanted to know more about it. I started reading about it and very quickly l realised that l had been missing out on something special my whole life. All l knew was, one way to reach orgasm, which was basically making myself hard, specially clenching and tightening my whole pelvis and rub my clitoris hard. Without this kind of strong and hard stimulating l could not have a orgasm. I also used fantasy to basically disappear and disassociate from my bodily experience. 

When l came to learn about Tantra orgasm l became aware that there was much more available and one big key factor was missing in my approach to sex.
Love for myself and my body. Each and every part of me. Specially my vagina and my breasts. For years l had been numbing myself with unconscious sex, touch and connection. And the result was, a pattern of disassociation. This pattern was held in every cell of my body. 

The moment l understood this and changed my approach to sex and started MAKING Love. 
Expanding into love, growing into love, loving love, allowing love, receiving love, giving love.
l started changing and healing layer upon layer. For the first time l started to experience different kinds of orgasm which where mind blowing and much more satisfying. I didn't know that it was possible for a women to have full body orgasm (by the way this is possible for men as well) and so this came as a bit of a surprise when lt first happened. 

The sexual energy that is available for us, can transform your life 180 degrees. It's possible to learn to move your sexual energy in and up. When you circulate your life force energy through your body, you can orgasm in any part of the body. 

For women it's possible to experience. G-Spot orgasm, cervical orgasm, full body orgasm, heart orgasm, throat orgasm, anal orgasm. 
💫to name just a few💫
It's even possible to orgasm without touching the body and have energy orgasms. The key is to forget about orgasm (the way you have always done it) all together. The moment you let go of the goal orientated sex, you open and allow yourself to experience something new. It's possible to learn new pathways and open different channels with a daily pleasure practice as well. 

For women the jade, aka, yoni egg practice is a great way to learn and activate different pathways in the body. Also receiving a bodywork session can open you up for full body expansions.

I invite you to connect with your yoni consciously and just see what happens from there. You might experience a feeling of numbness or you might experience feelings of joy or love, it's also possible to experience huge amounts of emotions that have never been expressed. Whatever comes, allow it.......
Stay connected with the heart and your breasts. In fact when l first started my practice l was just holding my breast for 30 minutes. And wow so much moved and shifted just with that practice. The breast are the gateway to your heart and LOVE. So this is a great way to change your relationship with your body and sex.

Rachel Whitehead