Self Love

Do you like what you see in the mirror? Or do you try to avoid looking into the mirror for too long because you don't like the 'imperfections' you see? Do you exercise and give your body the food and water that it needs to stay nourished and healthy? Do you take time to do things you enjoy? Are you far too busy to do things you enjoy? Do you go along with the rest to keep the peace even when it means going against your own wants and needs? Do you stand by your decisions, and do what you feel is right and appropriate for you? Do you take time to listen to what your heart is saying? Or are you too afraid to stop and listen in case you don't like what you might hear? 

Believe it or not this is what a lack of self love looks like.
Returning to love is possible when we take notice and stop ignoring what is going on inside of us. We do that by making it a priority to sorting out any issues that are troubling us. We do that by taking good care of ourselves on the mind, body and spirit level. This is what kindness looks like. This is what self-love looks like.

In my classes, workshops, healing session, and women circles, l hear women complain and say things about themselves and their bodies which are very negative and unloving. It hurts me deeply and one of the reasons l am so passioned about helping women is because of this lack of self-love to exists in the world today.

I speak from experience as l myself have been abusing my body for years, not just physically but also mentally. I always thought something was wrong with me and l should be better. I never felt l was enough, or just okay as l was. I didn't feel l was loveable or loved.

What has helped me to see these things is through practicing and cultivating self love. Every day, every morning when l wake-up and look in the mirror. Every day is a new opportunity to be loving to yourself and stop the negative voices in your mind. The mind tells us all sorts of things and what is most interesting is that we believe it. We never seem to doubt the doubts that come from our minds. Through meditation and silence, l have realised that l am not my mind. I am far more then that and the love that l feel in my heart is now my teacher. I have realised what l am, by seeing through, and letting go of what l am not. Meditation is food for the soul, and through stillness, l have gone beyond my stories that come from my head. 
Another beautiful practice that has changed my life completely is breast massage and breast meditation. Its one of the most healing tools for a woman. Women's breasts are the gate- ways to the heart and through this heart opening practice we realise our true essence once more. I also offer women's circles which is a magnificent time, out of time. As women we are devoted to look after others, so when we take time for ourselves there is normally some resistance, but once we make the effort we can feel  and hear about our miraculousness bodies and beauty. Each and every one of us is born perfect, whole and beautiful it is only through our conditioning, upbringing and media messages that we think we are not.

I love myself, and choose to have faith in the good.
I devote every second of my life in positive thoughts and doubt the negative ones.
I choose to let go of my past and trust that everything has served my soul well.
I choose to be in the present

I love you 

Rachel Whitehead