#metoo #mentoo

#metoo #mentoo

By just posting "me too" on our timelines we might become aware of the magnitude of the problem, but what are we going to do about it???? We can recognise that there is a problem around sexuality in this world but we, as women need to start, owning our sexuality and our sacredness. I meet so many women who are totally disconnected from their sexuality and from their medicine bowl. Even ashamed and embarrassed to talk about these subjects. We should start with ourselves with healing and bringing awareness, within ourselves. 

Yes, many of us, women have been sexually harassed or abused, and by acknowledging this problem we might come a step closer to realise that we are also capable of changing this. And hopefully this hashtag is not just a momentary awareness of a potential transformation. 

I want to acknowledge the men in this hashtag as well. Many men have also experienced sexual harassment and abuse by women. 
So what to do? If this is a step towards acknowledgement.....then great...but my question is, what are you, as a women going to do with this information? Are we going to avoid men or perhaps when we meet a men next time are we going to, project or defend ourselves and shut down before we have met him? Or perhaps we see men as all the same? I don't like this idea and l want us women to be aware that men also have their wounds around women and sexuality. In my view we are all in desperate need for healing and learning about what sexuality is. Most countries give a rubbish and useless education about sexuality and in many households talking about sexuality is taboo. 
What we all really want is to be loved and to feel connected and If we haven't received love when we where growing up then things might go haywire. 

So women we have to start close, within, with ourselves, our son's and daughters. What are you teaching them, about sexuality, about love, about connection, about intimacy, about women, about men? How is your own relationship with men, with women? With your inner masculine and inner feminine?

Women we are the birth givers of this world. The custodians of Life. We have the wisdom, strength and power to birth a new world. 
A world of Love and equality. Now is the time to claim our title, when we do the world will change quickly. When we remember our royal inheritance, men will become our true partners, our kings. The men around us need this change as much as we do and maybe even more.

Rachel Whitehead