❤️Feminine Beauty❤️

❤️Feminine Beauty❤️

Feminine beauty, is not the latest fashion item, the fake eyelashes, the smooth and shinning hair, or the perfectly, manicured nails. Although millions are spend on this, by women who have been convinced by the advertising industry that it is. 

Feminine beauty is a internal light, a spiritual radiance that every women has, but which most women hide, perhaps unconsciously denying its existence. And what we don't claim as our own, remains invisible, hidden in the dark. 

Society programs us, through all the messages we read in magazines and see on the television. It makes us believe that we are not desirable unless we adhere to the current trents of physical beauty. The reason we are open to these lies and social manipulations is that we are dissociated from genuine light of Self- awareness.

A women who is aware of her power and inner radiance knows that her light is from beyond this world, her spiritual essence has nothing to do with this physical world.

We would not be tempted to see clothes, makeup and hair products as sources of self esteem. We are magnificent because we are not beings of this world at all. Our feminine essence is nonphysical, nonmaterial, and when we awaken to this truth, we are empowered.

Rachel Whitehead