The Goddess is Awakening

The Goddess is awakening.
She was banished for many years, but now she is emerging again into our bodies and consiousness.
The presence of her power and beauty will give birth to harmony between the masciline and feminine aspects of ourselves.

The Goddess is present in all women, when a woman unveils herself all the way to her essential nature, she is revealed as the Goddess.  
If we have the courage we can slowly and lovingly,  peel away the layers, role's, and masks, of what we are not.
We may find layers of conditioning, beliefs, feelings of shame and trauma held in our bodies.
We might find pain, sadness, longing, grief or other emotions that we have stored away in the corners of our bodies.
One of the primary ways in which we get stuck is, ignorance and suffering around our sexuality.
Most of us grow up believing that we ‘should be’ more like men, in the workplace and in bed. 
Women are naturally YIN which means, she is fluid like water, soft, yielding, moving, changeable, flowing. Water can be placid and calm, or wild and unpredictable.
We can connect with our Yin nature by taking time to stop and rest in our heart, in the subtle energy of our breasts and the powerfull vibrations in our yoni.

But there is fear in the feminine psyche and for good reason.
We have been shamed and abused for many centuries. We have been shut down and miss understood.
In Victorian times women were asked to wear chastity belts and where literally "locked up."
Men would go out for hunting, or out for war and lock up their women. Taking the key with him. In this way he made sure she wouldnt have sex with someone else, or masturbate. This chasity belt can best be discribed as a domestic object for torture. It was very unhygienic and women would get all sorts of problems and infections. Masturbation was seen as dangerous and could potenionally make you mentally unwell.

Women who where suspected of working as prostitutes would end up in hospitals as we went though a epedemic of sexually transmitted diseases. These women would undergo, against their will, horrbile vaginal examination for months. In some country's (and this is still present today) women's clitoris is cut, and in worse case scenario the inner labia and the vaginal opening would be narrowed.
Again this is basicllly torture as these women experience pain during sex and have difficulty going for a pee, and get very reguarly infected with bladder infections. Giving birth with a very narrow opening is very painful, of course.

Then we had the time of the witches where thousands of women where burned, because they were seen as too free and wild. Meanwhile these women where the ones who carried so much knowlegde about our cycles, , nature, menstruations, menopause, our yoni's, health and well being. But in the Victorian times this was seen as dangerous. Women have experienced rape on a mass scale and this is still happening, every day someone on the planet will be raped or sexually assaulted. Most women don't report this as somehow in our unconscious mind this history has left an imprint in our mind. If we were to report it, someone might tell us, that we've made it up, or we must be crazy, or worse, it is our own fault.

What followed is a distorted Feminine, a kind of Superwomen. 
When we make love we might find that we want to "get it over with" and "get it done" as fast as we can.
Most women l know had enough of being fucked and end up losing complete interest in sex.
We what we really want is made love to. But because there is so much misunderstanding about our own essence we feel lost and somehow just give up on life.

Since there has been a lack of information on what a woman’s potential and true nature is. We are now facing women being stressed out, and completely disconnected from our breast, and yoni.  
have heard of high powered women working in a masculine working field, burning up there feminine essence until her reproductive organs also burn up. 

Women's health is one of the most important issues of our time. Without health and balance we cannot have the energy, stamina, or motivation to succeed in all the areas of life that need our participation. 

  • Today, c-sections are the #1 surgery performed in the US. 
  • Hysterectomies are the 2nd most common surgery performed. 
  • Breast cancer is the #1 most commonly diagnosed cancer today. 
  • 2/3 of teenage girls are prescribed hormonal birth control. 
  • 1 out of 4 women are are prescription drugs for mental health reasons such as depression. 
  • Women's natural cycles of life, including menstruation, pregnancy and menopause are treated like pathologies.

These are all signs of women who are out of balance with their own bodies and disregarding their feminine essence. Women don’t realize that in order to be happy, she needs to tap into her feminine power rather than masculine types of power. She needs to re-discover the power of yin, rather than try to force herself to be yang.

Uncover who you really are as woman, and you will find your true feminine essence hiding inside of you.
She has been there all along, but perhaps you did not recognize her, was to ashamed or scared of the power and the beauty of the Goddess within.

These days, all over the world, women are getting together in Red Tent's, womens cirles  and workshops and by getting together, sharing information, and learning, you can change the world and bring back balance again on this planet and in yourself. We can learn from each other by sharing our stories and expressing our wisdom that is in our bodies. 
And best of all, you will recieve the energy to create a lifestyle, rooted in love, beauty, pleasure, joy and celebration. 

We need you, beloved Goddess. The planet needs you. We need you in all your glory. Men all of the world our thursty and hungry for your love and gentleness. They have been living in their minds and you have the power, light and love in your body to spark the light within themselves. You are the one who can give and spread this love. You are the one you have been waiting for. Don't look outside yourself for the leader. Remember who you are, remember your calling, remember you are sacred, remember your Goddess nature.

Rachel Whitehead