Holistic Pelvic Care WHY???

Why Every Woman Needs Holistic Pelvic Care™

I received a lot of interesting reactions since I started offering Holistic Pelvic Care™ (HPC), a technique that combines internal vaginal massage with breath work to help women clear stagnation and other issues in the pelvic area.
Some women thought it was odd,sexual and even gross, that I would want to do this work.
To me, this sums up a lot of issues for women right here. We are taught culturally from a young age to be ashamed of our bodies, that our periods are awful times and should be hidden, that women should not be sexual beings or they are sluts, and on and on. No wonder women are experiencing such issues in their pelvic areas from menstrual cramps to fibroid tumors to prolapses, and every thing in between. Don’t you think it’s interesting that most of us are more than willing to have someone massage our back and shoulders, but the idea of some one massaging the fascia inside the pelvis is weird and gross? Initially, because of our conditioning and personal views, many women are hesitant to have a provider touch them in such a "private place" and perhaps do wonder how I am able to do this, but most end their first session by stating that this should be a regular part of every woman’s annual pelvic care, because they feel the tremendous changes in their bodies.

Conventional medicine rarely emphasizes preventative healthcare. Pelvic care is only offered when there is a problem. Most women are unaware of their pelvic imbalances, because initially they likely don’t show outward symptoms. Meanwhile, because of posture, emotional stress, energy blocks, trauma, injuries, or other events, the pelvic muscles become imbalanced, meaning that one area of muscles tends to do more work than others. One area compensates for an imbalance in another causing the muscles to lose their dynamic balance. Over time, this affects a woman’s stability and pelvic health, and symptoms will begin to show. Holistic Pelvic Care™ as prevention avoids problems from ever occurring.

For example, I had trouble in my left hip for a while.  I tried Chiropractic, Massage, and Yoga to try to heal this, but nothing entirely worked. During my training for HPC, after I had received several treatments, I was walking down the street and felt like a totally different woman, l was walking on both of my feet and the pain in my left hip area was gone completely.

When women do have pelvic issues, they often don’t know where to turn and do not know about pelvic care. They will suffer silently without the awareness of available treatments. Others attempt to talk to healthcare providers or family members about their symptoms, only to be told that what they are experiencing are normal results of aging or birthing a child.

The female body deserves more care. Women must understand the language of the body to alleviate tension patterns that inhibit energy flow. Modern women are carrying chronic tension in the pelvis that interferes with the physical and energetic flow in the whole female body. By learning to pay attention to her root patterns, a woman can enhance the flow in her core.

A good portion of this work is meant to teach women how to better care for their own bodies. As women learn to do pelvic care techniques, they restore vitality to the root muscles (the pelvic floor), the strongest and most integral muscles supporting the female body. In bringing awareness to this part of the body, women find that they have much greater creativity, energy, and confidence. When the female body is cared for at the root, women come to know and love the feminine place in themselves.

You can learn self pelvic care by reading the book Wild Feminine by my teacher, Tami Lynn Kent. This book will lead you through many exercises to teach you how to connect to your pelvic area and clear tensions yourself. Many women find that they need a nudge to get going or benefit from the care offered by a professional. This is why I am offering Holistic Pelvic Care™ in my studio, which is also created and taught to providers by Tami Kent. I find that many women understand the Wild Feminine techniques better and benefit from the advice given to them from working with me. 

I would love to help you begin this journey for yourself in any way that I can, and l would love you to consider booking  your first session of Holistic Pelvic Care™. 

Please share with all the amazing women you know. Imagine what the world would look like if every woman stood in her full power of creativity every day. Pelvic care is the best way I know to make this happen.

Note of reference: much of what is written in this blog is taken directly from the book, Wild Feminine, by Tami Lynn Kent or the teachings I received in her Holistic Pelvic Care™ provider training.

Rachel Whitehead