Women’s Circles, Somatic Movement Ceremonies, Sound healing, Conscious Touch


Rachel creates, beautiful and sacred spaces for women to flourish and blossom. 
She offers rituals and ceremony to support women to awaken to their higher vibration and inner beauty. Being in a space of presence, a natural and effortless alignment happens within the female body which opens the door to lasting, and deep transformation.
Rachel is naturally gifted at creating beautiful, sacred spaces and she has a wealth of experience in working with the female body.

“I invite women, to slow down, rest, to connect with their softer side and listen to their innocent heart”


Upcoming Events


Womens Yoga Circle

This is a 5 week course for women, who want to experience full embodiment. it includes yoga, meditation, and deep relaxation

Gong and Crystal Bowl Sound Bath

Once a month, near the Full Moon women come together to practice yoga and deep relaxation. This evening includes yoga, sharing circle and a amazing sound bath with Crystal Singing Bowls.

Heart Awakening Ceremony

A day filled with ceremony, ritual, energy and sound healing. This is a day when women take time out of time and connect with deeper layers within themselves.


Sacred Womb sessions

The Female Pelvis

is a powerhouse of energy transformation, the very throne of the creation through which universal, creative, life force energy, patterns flow.

l offer rituals and ceremonies for women to connect with their femininity. Rachel is a certified Arvigo Abdominal massage therapist, A Holistic Pelvic Care therapist and a Sexological Bodyworker.


Ritual and Ceremony

Rachel offers women circles which includes ritual and ceremony. In a circle space we will navigate through your inner landscape and discover your own power from within. We address the many ways we have been conditioned to function against our nature. These circles include body oriented work, coupled with practical wisdom, movement, sharing, dance, sound healing and breath practices. The ceremony and rituals are designed to raise the capacity for experiencing increased awareness and to assist in the eliminating of any general or (sexual) traumas stored in the body, as well as opening energy channels and pathways that have been obstructed since childhood. I work with women and couples. Please contact me with and question or inquiries


Would you like to begin a new year feeling expansive aliveness
in your body?

Is it time to discover the mysterious depths of
your inner world ?

Are you ready to nurture your feminine essence and feel more
connection, bliss and pleasure in your life?

Are you ready to unlock your full potential and be the vibrant, radiant and irresistible woman you truly are?

Then feel free to connect with me and say yes to your own awakening.

I am happy to answer any of your questions, in a free Skype call.




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